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Why Private Air Charter?

If you are not sure private air travel is for you, here are some of the facts:

Air Charter Is Fast

A charter from Lyddon Aero Center is the best way to get from Point A to Point B fast. We can fly you anywhere in the continental United States, even to all those thousands of airports where commercial airlines don’t go. Compared to ground travel, charter service is of course much faster. A 200 mile trip that would take about 4 hours by car can be flown in as little as 50 minutes by air.

Air Charter Is Convenient

At Lyddon Aero Center, we are on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a  year. We are ready to leave and return at a moment’s notice, and YOU set the schedule–no connecting flights, no lost luggage, no delays. Arrive on time for those early morning meetings, fresh and ready to do business, instead of tired after a layover for a connecting flight and overnight hotel stay. When your business is concluded no more killing yourself checking your bags, going through security, and barely making your 8pm flight. You can relax knowing that your own personal charter aircraft is ready to depart at your command, on a direct flight home or to wherever your next destination may be.

Air Charter Is Safe And Reliable

At Lyddon Aero Center we have been in the air charter business for over 35 accident-free years. Our pilots are some of the most experienced anywhere with a combined flight time of over 43,000 hours. Reliability is a key factor in air charter. We have aircraft equipped to handle almost all weather. Full de-icing equipment is available on all our twin engine aircraft. Weather radar is also available on all our single and twin engine aircraft. One of the best safety and reliability factors at Lyddon Aero Center is our staff. Training programs for the pilots and maintenance schedules for the aircraft are rigid and demanding. Our people work hard to make your air charter experience the best.


Click on the photos to find out more about the aircraft in our fleet:

The Piper Seneca II
The Piper Aerostar
The Cessna 421C
The Piper Cheyenne 2XL
425SB Web
The Cessna Conquest I
The Cessna Conquest II
Beechjet 400XP
Beechjet 400A