LAC Gears up for AirFair 2014

downloadIt’s coming…Liberal AirFair 2014. In 19 days to be exact. Owners and employees of Lyddon Aero Center are hustling and preparing to help host this awesome free event. Although the main crowd will be entering through the Air Museum, both the Young Eagles Rides and the Tandem Skydives will be staged out of LAC.  There will also be a lot of general aviation traffic for the line service to handle as well. Both the 2010 and 2012 shows were a big success growing from 4200 people in 2010 to 7200 in 2012.


Young Eagles rides are a very important part of the show for LAC. They are free airplane rides for kids between the ages of 8-17 provided by volunteer pilots and coordinated through the EAA. At the 2012 show, over 300 rides were given to these future aviators. These rides help aviation pass down to the next generation. Both Steve and Bill Lyddon love seeing kids get enthusiastic about flying and airplanes. They are future customers after all!!

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Tandem Skydiving is another fun aspect of the show. LAC’s own Jamie Rich, Bryan Peters, Nathan Lyddon, Bill Lyddon and Steve Lyddon have all done the Tandem jumps. Jamie says ” It was really thrilling and memorable” and “an experience you will never forget”. When asked again if she would ever go again she stated emphatically “YES!”.

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The Shockwave Jet Truck is one of the acts the staff at LAC is looking forward to the most. Steve and Bill got to see the truck at Osh Kosh. Steve stated that is was ” one of the coolest things I have ever seen.”





Skip Stewart will be back for a third encore performance and if you were at either one of the other two shows, you know why. He is absolutely the best Pitts pilot. Period. Never before or since have we seen someone who can do things with that airplane that he can. And we know. We’ve owned several of them!!1514575_761128903916617_743930885_n

We are also very grateful that we have great employees who step up to help. Bev Hall and her entire family have helped us out every year from helping with Young Eagles, admission gates, overseeing the office staff and just doing anything and everything asked. Thanks to all of our employees who help us out. You know who you are and we couldn’t do it without you! To learn more about this year’s FREE show go to

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  1. Bob Brown

    Thank you and all your staff for your hard work and dedication! I can’t wait to attend this year’s show!!!!

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